Lake Maggiore Zipline

Intrasca Valley

Green is the dominating colour, especially in the summer season, but green is also the colour of the soul that breathes life into Valley Intrasca, even when it’s snowing.

Un uncontaminated oasis neighbouring the national Park of the Valgrande, one of the largest wilderness areas in Europe where human intervention is almost absent, where one can relive the experience of  true wilderness.

A new future is being lined-up for Valle Intrasca. Once upon a time full of life, swarming with crowded villages drawing their existence from the mountain economy. Slowly, in the last few decades becoming depopulated, is now finding a new outlook of growth thanks to the Return Project of which Lake Maggiore Zipline is part.

The Return Project aims to recreate the economic conditions to bring back people to live in this magnificent valley, by creating a net of integral activities which can incentivise the return of a new variety of tourist to the area.