Lake Maggiore Zipline

La Rüzèla

In the local dialect it means “Pulley”, which, hooked on a cable, once upon a time was used to transport downhill goods like bundles of hay and logs of wood. Today on the same cable people sling downhill to experience the emotion of flying.

La Ruzela is the name of the shop that stocks local handicrafts and groceries, found at the arrival station of Lago Maggiore Zipline. You will discover hand-made goods either in wood or beeswax and a wide range of tasty local and regional products.

The selected high quality goods carry with them the flavor and the feeling of the life in the mountain and are certainly  not available in supermarkets!

At La Ruzela you will also find delicatessen, ranging from local cheeses made of cows-milk and goat’s cheese; salamis and cured meats, jams and preserves, Aurano’s honey, herb teas and liqueurs made with biological mountain grown herbs; cakes and biscuits, local wines, risotto rice from the Novara region, and walnut oil, an old-fashioned tradition of Valle Intrasca.