Lake Maggiore Zipline

La Batùa

In local dialect “La Batùa”, in Italian “La Battuta”,  is the name given to the landing point of the loads sent downhill via the aerial cableway. “The Hitting Point”.

“La Batùa” is the Bar/Restaurant found at The Nest, the arrival point of the Lago Maggiore Zipline. The place for who wants to taste excellent local products, lunch and dine in welcoming and at the same time modern and traditional surroundings.

Genuine cooking with local ingredients, well-stocked bar, lots of room either inside or outside on the lawn, next to the children play area. In good weather the big grill takes centre-stage.

At “La Batùa” you will find all the comforts of the town,  pass the time relaxing and observe the landings; both of the human flyers and the real hawks, the ones with feathers who watch from above.

Reserve your table! Call us now at +39 331 7284628