Lake Maggiore Zipline


A few simple things to know and understand before flying on Lake Maggiore Zipline.

  • Flights in the single style are possible to anybody within the following weight and height characteristics:
    Free Style (height: min 120 cm – max 200 cm | weight: min 35 kg – max 120 kg)
    FalconStyle (height: min 120 cm – max 200 cm | weight: min 35 kg – max 120 kg)
  • For flights in pairs (while keeping the min/max ranges valid as per the single flights) the combined weight cannot exceed 180 kg (395 lb) and the difference in weight between the 2 persons cannot be over 45 kg.
  • Unde- aged youths can fly only with parents or authorised guardianship permission. The body weights listed above are enforced.
  • For the flight we recommend comfortable clothes, and to avoid accessories or clothes that can get entangled (head-scarfs, scarfs, hoods, necklaces, ...) or fall (slippers, mobile phones, cameras, keys, change, ...).
  • It’s allowed to fly with spectacles and sun-glasses.
  • It is not necessary to wear special shoes, as the departure and arrival location of the  shuttle  is very close by.
  • To be able to fly, good health is required, and one must not be impaired by any pathologies incompatible with the flight, which could cause harm to themselves and others.
  • Flying is not allowed to women in an advanced stage of pregnancy, to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, serious respiratory diseases, people that suffer from attacks of dizziness and individuals impaired by taking alcohol or drugs, or people suffering personality disorders that could interfere with flight safety.
  • It is compulsory to wear the flight harness, the crash-helmet and to follow carefully the directions given by the flight crew. The Zipline management has the authority to refuse admittance to the facilities to whoever they feel does not guarantee the respect of the regulations and to those who do not have the needed requirements.
  • Owing to bad weather, the staff can reserve the right to adjourn or to suspend the flights, in which case the ticket will be refunded.
  • Under favourable flying conditions, the price of the ticket will NOT be refunded if for any reason whatsoever you decide not to fly once arrived at the facility.

To save time, please download the regulation and disclaimer forms that will have to be filled in, signed and taken to the arrival station of Lago Maggiore Zipline.

You will find the disclaimer form also at the ticket office and on the ticket printed at home.