Lake Maggiore Zipline

Prices and times

Flights full of fun and excitement at a competitive cost for a brand new Zipline, comfortable and easy to reach.


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  • single flight: € 39,00
  • flight in pairs: € 70,00
  • families of at least 3 people, consisting of parent/s with child / children under age
    single flight: € 32,00
    flight in pairs: € 55,00
  • under 18, over 65 and groups of at least 8 people
    single flight: € 35,00
    flight in pairs: € 60,00

If there should be a gap in the booking system, you can purchase another flight for the same day at the special rate of € 20,00 for a single flight and  € 40,00 for a flight in pairs.
Ask at the ticket office, showing the  ticket of the earlier flight.

The cost of the tickets is the same for both style of flight, Falcon Style and Free Style.

There will be scheduled moonlit night flights and those dates will be announced a few days in advance.

Check-in at least 30 minutes before flight time at Alpe Segletta. 8 seats shuttle service from Alpe Segletta to Pian d’Arla (flight set-off point), journey time 15 minutes.


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