Lake Maggiore Zipline


The Barn
Pian d’Arla at the altitude of 4.290 ft is situated on the Cadorna Line, the defensive fortification dating back to the Ist world war. Right here on the off-road track was built the take-off point, a stone and wooden structure that faithfully reproduces the classic hay-barn of Valle Intrasca.

In the traditional way of life of our ancestors, the mountain barn was used to store the hay gathered on the steep inclines by scythemen who had to work one handed while holding on tight on the sheer slopes. The barns were often linked by overhanging cables used to transport the precious hay bales down to the villages in Valle Intrasca. Nowadays the cable has been put to a different service and the Barn is now the set-off point of the Lake Maggiore Zipline.

On entering the barn there is a sensation of calmness, in the half-light of the shelter one can fit-out and concentrate. It’s the moment that leads to the dive into the light at high speed and the emotion of flying.

The departure barn structure is accessible to invalids on wheelchairs.